What to Look for in a Commercial Package Policy

Commercial package policies enable businesses to bundle their insurance policies together in one policy with one company. This can be a great way for them to simplify operations and save money. The convenience offered through commercial package policies can also allow workers to focus on other matters, like increasing profits and decreasing costs.


Custom Built Bundles


A Business’ needs are as varied as the industries they serve, so bundled policies should be completely customizable. Numerous policies can be added under one commercial package policy in Maryland, depending on the requirements of each business. Some common policies include the following:


  • Business Auto
  • Equipment Breakdown
  • Inland Marine
  • Crime Insurance
  • Business Income with Expense


Coverage limits and deductibles can also be customized in most plans. If necessary, many insurers will work to provide stand-alone coverage for any areas of the business that cannot be covered under the commercial package policy.


Know Your Needs


When shopping for a commercial package policy in Maryland, it is vital that businesses do their homework beforehand. Only after a full review of the company’s exposures and assets can they be sure they are signing up for the right policies. The insurance company should also provide a full review to ensure that only applicable policies are included. Whatever a business’ needs may be, commercial package policies are sure to offer some of the best protection with the maximum amount of savings per policy.

photo credit: Infusionsoft cc