Make Sure You’re Covered for the Long Haul

Texas is the leading state of export goods in the country. That’s why it’s important for you to work closely with a Texas truck insurance agency to find the right coverage to protect you, your employees and your cargo. Trucking and transportation is a unique industry with unique business insurance needs. Here is a quick look at some industry specific coverage that you may want to consider.

1. Motor Truck Cargo

This protects you from liability should the cargo that you’re transporting become damaged or lost during transit.

2. Bobtail Coverage

Once your cargo has been delivered, you’re no longer covered under the same liability that was in effect during transport. Bobtail coverage will protect you while using the truck for mobility rather than transport.

3. Trailer Interchange

More often than not, the trucking company does not actually own the trailer used to transport its cargo. Instead, trailers are exchanged as cargo is picked up and dropped off. Trailer Interchange insurance will cover damages to trailers not owned by the trucking company.

Hauling someone else’s property can be risky business so it’s important to understand all the specific ways you can protect yourself and your business. A Texas truck insurance agency can help you navigate this world of risk and liability to help you understand what coverage is best for you.