Making Workplace Safety A Priority


Employers who emphasize and make safety a top priority usually have better success when it comes to reducing injuries in the workplace. This will also be of great help when it comes to reducing the cost for workers compensation insurance. One way in which employers can help obtain the assistance of their workers in accomplishing this is by instituting a program whereby employees are rewarded for their part in keeping the company injury-free.


For example, the employer can sponsor a monthly lunch for employees when no injuries occur over the course of a stated period of time. If the company finds that they have achieved a higher success rating from these efforts, supervisors should also be rewarded for following through with safety training and meetings that helped contribute to this success, Most workers compensation brokers see this as a great way for organizations to reduce the cost of premiums.


Employees should be fit for duty when reporting to work


Arrange for a “fitness for duty” physical with an occupational medical provider, especially for employees having positions that are physically demanding. The company can greatly benefit from creating this requirement. By sharing the job description with the clinic and describing the physical components of the job, the clinic can test the employee to ensure that he or she is physically able to do their job at all times.


Employers can yield some very positive results, and may even prevent future injuries from occurring. Also, for an employee making use of the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) for a serious health condition that has developed, employers should consider requiring that a fitness-for-duty certification cover the employee’s ability to perform the essential functions of their job.


However, any requirement that an employee obtain a fitness-for-duty certification must be clearly explained to the employee at the time the employee requests the FMLA leave and should be set forth in the employer’s written policy. This requirement should appear in the employee handbook and all employees should be made aware of this at the time they are hired. This plan can be discussed with workers compensation brokers when policy discussions take place.


Having adequate amounts of insurance and a comprehensive, well-managed workers’ compensation program can do more than simply save an organization financial woes; it can help keep employees safer and more engaged, and the business more productive.