How to Market Insurance? Social Media is the Key

When asked how to market insurance in a way that will attract potential customers, most agents will tell you that you truly have to embrace the online mediums currently available and make them work for you. Through the use of content marketing, really good content marketing, you can make things happens and get some positive results. When you create and share interesting content that’s meant to help, and not just sell, people feel that you truly have their best interests in mind.

The idea is to get your policyholders eager to hear from you so that you’re the first person who comes to mind when they need to add or make changes to their current portfolio. A lot of time and money may be invested in setting up a website and social media accounts, but if nothing seems to really be working that’s probably because it’s time to take the next step.

Let your social media sites promote you to their fullest

One way to attract and build an audience is by posting a new blog post every week. And what better way to share these then on your social networks. This is a warmer approach than email or even telephone marketing, since social media audiences have the ability to like and share these posts with friends. That’s why sharing high quality content to your social networks is an essential key to having a socially engaged network of followers.

Running your referral campaign through Facebook is a great idea. Most of the youngsters have moved on to Snapchat and other vehicles and the audience using Facebook is now skewing a little older and may be receptive to your campaign. You can promote all of your content through email and social media, and then have everyone “Like” your page in order for them to be able to submit referrals. This is a great way to get your email only clients on your social media channels and your social clients to read all the great blog posts and links you’ve been sharing. This is perhaps one of the best ideas when it comes to deciding just how to market insurance.