trucking liability insurance program

Motor Carrier Liability Concerns

A general liability policy is the type of insurance designed to provide third-party coverage to protect the employees and vehicles of a commercial trucking company. General liability, or GL coverage is a broader variant of the primary liability insurance sold through a trucking liability insurance program and is very much a company-oriented policy. Independent truckers, while often covered under a company’s GL policy, may want to opt for their own personal liability coverage as it may provide them with better coverage.

Each and every year a number of reported cases of collisions and other types of accidents involving commercial trucks occur. With this in mind, you should understand why purchasing commercial trucking insurance is mandatory for companies and individual contractors. Because commercial trucks are much larger in size than the average vehicle, they are quite capable of causing considerable damage when involved in accidents.

Loading and unloading coverage

There’s a distinct possibility that damage can occur to the cargo you carry during loading and unloading. You can purchase protection from incurring a loss as a result of any damage resulting from an incident when cargo is either placed on, or removed from your vehicle. This is important because cargo coverage does not always extend to covering damages of this nature.

Negligent hiring

You may also be involved in a claim because the driver you hired was determined to be negligent or incompetent in his duties. Negligent entrustment encompasses the allegation that the trucking company should not have entrusted a truck to the driver because of his inexperience or his inability to safely operate a commercial vehicle.

Negligent retention occurs when a trucking company learns during the course of a driver’s employment that the driver is incompetent, yet still continues to retain the driver and allows him to operate a commercial vehicle fully aware that he is a risk. Any driver has to meet the minimum standard required by federal regulations.

A carrier has a duty to take steps to prevent injuries to the driving public. This includes determining the competency of its drivers to operate a commercial vehicle and a failure to comply with these regulations will subject a carrier to a claim for negligent hiring if compliance would have identified the driver as incompetent. Protect your company with insurance available from a local trucking liability insurance program.