How Much Life Insurance Do You Need?

When you do a Web search for “life insurance CT,” (Connecticut) you’ll have many insurance options to choose from. What you won’t have is a way to calculate how much life insurance you need, so here are a few simple questions to get you started.

Outgoing Resources

What will your family need to pay for after your death? Three rough categories include paying for your funeral service and burial; any outstanding debts (including any medical costs owed after health insurance); and ongoing, day-to-day living expenses such as rent, groceries, transportation, etc.

Incoming Resources

What income sources will be open to your survivors? Is your spouse employed and earning a regular paycheck? Social Security benefits will be immediately available to your spouse if there are dependent children at home. If children are older, however, these benefits are not available until your spouse is in his or her 60s. Group life insurance from the deceased’s company may be another income source. Are there any additional assets or income resources available to your family?

Getting a Rough Estimate

Once you have the answers, subtract the financial needs from income sources immediately available. The resulting figure is a rough idea of how much insurance you need. Now you can search for “life insurance ct” and go from there.