Why You Need Dog Liability Insurance

Imagine if you are out walking your dog, and your chihuahua’s skinny leash trips an unsuspecting jogger. Just an accident, right? Unfortunately, situations like these can spiral into lengthy, expensive lawsuits if the victim is hospitalized or needs ongoing therapy. Luckily, you can financially guard yourself against dog-related lawsuits by obtaining separate liability insurance for dogs. Here are some other compelling reasons to obtain this kind of coverage.

More Rental Options

Having a dog liability insurance policy can expand the availability of rental properties and allow you to keep your dog instead of having to re-home it or move to a less-desirable area. Some insurers can even add a second insured, such as the property manager, to the policy.

Stereotyped Breeds

If your homeowners or rental insurance policy normally covers dog-related accidents, be sure to read the fine print. Some insurance companies have blacklisted about a dozen dog breeds—and mixes of those breeds—and choose not to cover them, even if a dog has no biting history.

Biting History

If your dog has a history of biting or aggression, chances are it is now deemed dangerous by your city. In many cities, owners of these dogs must obtain dog liability insurance before being allowed to obtain a pet license.

Dog owners know their dog’s behavior is their responsibility, but they also know that even well-behaved dogs can cause accidental harm. Liability insurance for dogs is a smart purchase that provides a safety cushion against dog-related accidents.