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Nightclub Coverages You Didn’t Know You Needed

If you run a nightclub, then you’ve probably heard about nightclub insurance. Under different insurance programs, you can get different coverages. Here are a few coverages you may not have realized that you need.

Liquor Liability

Alcohol should be number one on your mind. If your club serves it, then you have to be aware of how intoxicated people may behave. Some patrons may become aggressive or destructive. The last thing you need is to have to pay for lost property because of one customer’s actions. This is why liquor liability is necessary.

Assault and Battery Liability

Have you ever had a fight break out in your nightclub? Some nightclub business insurance programs offer coverage specifically catered towards assault and battery. If someone is assaulted in your club, you will be covered for any legal proceedings.

Bouncer Liability

In order to help keep fights to a minimum and ensure your patrons’ safety, you will probably need to hire bouncers. Sometimes bouncers may be injured on the job or they may accidentally injure someone else when ejecting them from the bar. Some nightclub business insurance programs can offer compensation for these cases.

Never let your nightclub go unprotected. There are several coverages that will keep you and your customers safe. All you need is the right insurance.