Nursing Home Rates and Equipment Breakdown

Nursing homes and assisted living facilities have implemented technology and equipment to improve the quality of care and comfort to their residents and their staff. However, because they depend on many types of electrical, mechanical and computer-controlled equipment to support facility operations, this requires assisted living facility insurance for equipment breakdown or malfunctions which could render their operations with the inability to properly facilitate the lives of the residents living there.

These issues could affect nursing home rates whereas the equipment that is subject to breakdown could cause long-term business interruption. Think of the consequences of an interruption to a facility during a power outage. There could be panic, fear and the real possibility of injuries occurring should it happen at night. Electricity is so critical that many owners make sure that their facilities are equipped with emergency generators to support critical functions during electrical service interruptions.

Business interruption can be costly

The types of hazards you may experience require proper planning. Concerns can obviously be magnified when a facility contains elderly people all in different states of poor, or even failing health. If temperatures inside the facility climb too high or too low, and there are health risks involved, a decision would likely have to be made to evacuate the residents to other care facilities.

Electrical breakdown is generally the most frequent type of loss. Any damage to circuit breakers, motors or electrically control equipment utilized to support facility operations can result in long periods where the facility is not suitable for residence. This can lead to significant property damage and interruption of normal operations for days or even longer until necessary repairs can be made or replacements installed.

Boilers, air conditioning, heating and ventilation equipment are all needed to provide comfort to residents. When new, or properly serviced, this equipment is considered quite reliable, but it is also highly susceptible to the perils of breakdown. Most jurisdictions require boilers and pressure vessels to be inspected regularly by a qualified inspector. These services may be provided at no charge as part of equipment breakdown coverage under any assisted living facility insurance package. Help keep nursing home costs down by properly maintaining your equipment.