Nursing Homes Insurance and the Nursing Home Reform Act

Since Congress passed a law designed to improve the quality of nursing homes 20 years ago, facilties have improved. While nursing homes are often praised for the services and care they provide to the elderly, there remains an ever-increasing public concern over the quality of care in nursing homes. The regulations set forth back in 1987 were intended to define minimum standards of care, as well as promote and protect the rights of residents and aimed to provide residents with a higher quality of life.

After all, nursing home residents should be treated with dignity and respect, and any claims of abuse often results in a lawsuit being filed. With nursing home Insurance cost constantly going up to meet the needs of these facilities, brokers should instruct their clients to do everything possible to maintain a safe environment for patients and residents.

Improving conditions have helped with resident concerns

One of the biggest improvements since the passage of the Nursing Home Reform Act is the reduction in the use of physical restraints, which can decrease a resident’s muscle tone and cause other health problems. Staffing levels have improved somewhat, but studies indicate that nursing homes are still significantly understaffed. In addition, there were noted improvements in the system immediately after the law’s passage.

Some of the most significant changes seen in the nursing home environment include a stronger emphasis on enhancing residents’ quality of life along with the care they receive,
Proper diagnosis and treatment provided for residents suffering from mental illness, and uniform certification standards for Medicare and Medicaid homes. Nursing homes must provide services and activities to attain, or maintain, the highest physical, mental, and psychosocial well being of each resident in accordance with their written plan of care.

Facilities that fail to meet federal minimum care standards have received stricter punishments and citations, but they have also strived to develop an individualized care plan for residents, along with a provision of services and activities allowing residents to reach their highest mental and physical peaks.

Most nursing homes provide a safe and healthy environment for their residents. Their aim is to provide the best possible care at all times, but elder abuse continues to be a concern and residents should be afforded protection from facilities not operating with their personal safety in mind. Everything must be done to ensure that nursing home Insurance cost remains at an affordable level for clients operating these much-needed facilities.