Nursing Homes Workers Comp Issues

The health care industry is considered one of the more dangerous industries to run, and because of the growing elderly population, nursing homes have become major care providers to the elderly within the health care industry. About 1.5 million elderly and disabled Americans reside in nursing homes today, and nursing assistants provide the majority of their care. Nursing homes are among the top 10 industries for musculoskeletal problems, which is the major cause of worker absenteeism, workers’ compensation claims, and worker injury and illness.


Higher rates of musculoskeletal injury have been reported among nursing home workers compared with rates among workers in other occupations. Injuries to workers at nursing homes happen quite frequently and a severe injury can lead to an unusually long furlough and may even be cause for a lawsuit. What is workers compensation insurance? The answer is that it is the policy required to ensure workers get proper treatment when they suffer a work-related injury.


Slips, trips and falls among top concerns


When exhausted after a long day of work, a nurse or attendant may become susceptible to tripping or falling due to an obstruction, or something as simple as a wet floor. Because of this very serious issue, workers comp insurance is the best solution for averting a financial crisis for owners and managers of these businesses.


Nursing home employees working in direct-care facilities perform many physically taxing activities, such as lifting heavy loads, working in awkward postures, and transferring residents in and out of beds. Additionally, manipulating the technology that supports patient care is often physically straining as well. Any increase in worker injury rates is likely the result of increased exposure to hazardous conditions coupled with diminished recovery time between these exposures.


The workforce may be exposed to a variety of situations where injuries can occur, not least of all in the handling of patients. They should be instructed to request help anytime they feel they are incapable of performing a certain duty on their own. Owners understand that the type of duties that their staff are asked to perform can lead to injuries if not handled in a safe manner. The likelihood of accidents and injuries should be addressed, since the safer the environment, the less the chance of a claim being required. What is workers compensation insurance? Perhaps the most effective way to aid workers.