Photo Selection in Your Insurance Website Design

Never underestimate the power of the photos on your webpage when it comes to insurance website design. After all, they’re the first thing your visitors see and this will often paint an overall picture of what they may come to expect by sticking around and seeing what your company is really all about.

Whether you’re buying stock photos, as most companies do, paying someone to produce specific pictures, or using personal photos, choosing the right photos can make or break a design concept. You’ll know when you’ve made the right decision if you begin by asking yourself a few simple questions before trying to decide just which photos to use on your insurance website.

What am I trying to convey?

What is the message you’re trying to convey to visitors to the site and do these photos create the right impact? Are these photos unique in any way? Face it, stock photos are everywhere nowadays and are often used by several outlets. If your visitors recognize a generic stock photo it may cause them to lose focus and no longer be thinking of your agency. Try to choose photos that are more descriptive and will have more impact.

Do these photos actually complement my brand’s colors?

This is really important. A bad mix of colors won’t do your website any favors. For example, if your agency’s colors are red and blue, a photo with lots of green and yellow colors is not going to be visually appealing on your site. Try to find photos that really complement your brand.

Does the photo fit where I intend to use it?

Make sure the photo you use is the right size to fill the designated space intended for it. Using a smaller photo will likely look stretched and pixilated when blown up bigger than its original size, and if you crop a photo to fit you may lose information along the borders that actually does more bad than good. You may need to choose a different, but similar photo, or buy a larger version if available.

Does the photo properly represent your company?

It’s vital that any photo properly represents your business model. Having a photo of a beautiful model standing next to a car when you sell health insurance doesn’t do you justice. You need to make it clear what type of products and services you offer and your photos need to reflect that. Having the full context and concept is part of the insurance website design process, and also helps to build a nice, clear story for your website visitors.