nurses malpractice insurance

Professional Liability Concerns for Medical Careers

The medical profession carries a heavy burden of illness and disease, but also promotes healing, well-being and attentive care. For those with a career in medicine, the opportunity to do good and promote health comes with its own risks and liabilities. When something doesn’t go as planned, despite the best of efforts and intentions, there is a risk of a lawsuit for malpractice. Carrying nurses malpractice insurance can cover nursing individuals in these situations.

What It Covers

Employers will carry a general liability policy, but these are often written to protect the interest of the employer and their operations. When it comes to protecting employees, there are certain gaps. A personal policy can address these gaps.

  • Coverage policies for self-employed or employed nursing professionals, regardless of professional association affiliations
  • Legal defense fund to hire your own attorney
  • Court expenses related to your defense
  • Lost Wages for trial attendance, administrative leave or board hearings
  • Licensing issues reimbursement when board actions require further response

The need for professional liability insurance increases, as both the cost of litigation and the prevalence of malpractice claims are ever increasing. There is often a need for high limits, with protection covering both professional and general liability concerns for the allied health professional. With nurses malpractice insurance, your life’s work can be protected and financially assisted in the event of a claim or suit against your actions.