Proper Coverage and Dog Bite Insurance Tips

Homeowners and renters insurance policies will usually cover liability issues for owners whose dog bites someone. However, there are policies that exclude dog bites, as well as those that provide inadequate limits for the victim of dog bite insurance settlements and this can cause serious concerns. It’s crucial to read any policy carefully to ensure that it doesn’t exclude canine-inflicted injuries.

There are solutions available for dog owners who find themselves either uninsured or inadequately insured. Those choices include umbrella coverage, excess coverage, and canine liability policies, commonly referred to as dog bite insurance, all providing much-needed protection in the event that your dog attacks someone.

For example, when you purchase an umbrella policy it will cover an injury that may not be covered by your homeowner policy due to any exclusion. An excess liability policy will also provide a higher policy limit for losses covered by the primary insurance, as where a canine liability policy is written specifically for dog owners who may find it difficult to obtain coverage.

An additional policy offers protection for any dog owner

A homeowner or renters policy that doesn’t cover canine-inflicted injuries can cause quite a major issue and an extremely large judgment could have quite a staggering effect on you financially. If you’re found liable, without adequate insurance in place, the cost to you personally could be devastating. Having an agent who is knowledgeable about this coverage can help inform you exactly how to go about purchasing dog bite insurance or a personal umbrella liability policy. These policies will provide you with excess liability over underlying liability coverage.

Remember that dogs tend to bite people that just happen to be visitors in their own home, including friends or relatives, and in many instances, the dog is usually familiar and friendly with its victim. It’s vital that you purchase insurance before an unfortunate incident actually occurs.

If you are unable to secure umbrella insurance for any reason you may be better off purchasing a policy for canine liability. Dog bite insurance is generally reasonably priced, so speak to an agent today about any questions or concerns.