Protect Your Investment With Comprehensive Yacht Club Coverage

Many people want to enjoy the benefits of sailing and yachting without actually investing in a vessel of their own, so they turn to you to satisfy their itch. While many of these part-time boaters are skilled, many are inexperienced behind the helm. Additionally, even the experienced boaters are not fully familiar with your vessels, which could lead to mistakes out on the water. Protect yourself and your boats with yacht club liability coverage.

Liability coverage is there to ensure that whatever happens out on the water, you are not financially responsible for. Unfortunately, boating accidents are an all too common occurrence. From extreme weather to negligent boaters, you take a risk every time you send a new boater out in one of your yachts.

Moreover, comprehensive coverage offers protection from both land-based and maritime hazards. If you offer sailing lessons, run regattas or hold social events, your liability risk increases ten fold. Safeguard your club, employees, volunteers and board members alike with a policy customized to meet your unique insurance needs.

Other types of coverage to consider include workers compensation, directors and officers liability, Jones Act coverage and pollution and oil spill coverage.

As the owner of a yacht club, your risk is great. Protect yourself and your members while still ensuring everyone has a good time, with yacht club liability coverage.