HPSO malpractice insurance

Protect Your Practice

Malpractice isn’t just the concern of medical doctors. Over a 20 year career, as many as 40% of psychologists may be faced with a licensing board complaint. HPSO malpractice insurance can protect you against the costs of these and other types of complaints that may arise in the course of your work.

What Could Happen?

You work hard to help your clients, but the nature of your work means that you may face accusations including:

  • slander, libel or assault
  • physical or sexual abuse
  • HIPAA violations
  • malpractice

In addition to the serious impact such accusations can have on your reputation and practice, the legal and financial burdens can be staggering. Even if you are employed by a facility, your employer’s insurance may not cover you, or cover you sufficiently, to include all the associated costs of a legal challenge.

Professional Liability Coverage

A liability policy can protect you in the event of accusations like those listed above, and provide you with the resources you need to address any legal issues. Not only can such a policy help to cover the cost of any judgment against you, it will also help you to cover the costs of legal representation, or lost income because of required time in court.

No one wants to think that they could be named in a lawsuit, but it is an all-too-possible scenario in a climate where people increasingly settle their differences in court. HPSO malpractice insurance can give you the peace of mind that comes from knowing you’re prepared to face such a challenge.