Reducing the Risk of Auto Dealership Workers Compensation Claims

If you are running a auto dealership you no doubt realize the many risks and exposures involved in its safe operation. It falls on the employer to ensure that safety precautions are taken and potentially dangerous situations are recognized and removed, and managers must take heed before a situation arises that results in serious injury to both customers and employees.

Injuries to employees, which can be prevented by administering some common safety rules and procedures, while not a substitute for auto dealerships workers compensation coverage, may just reduce the amount of claims by helping to maintain a safe work environment.

Generally dealerships have a large staff of employees, in different departments, performing different tasks. There is an office staff, mechanics, salespersons, and estimators on hand, and while their daily routines may offer up a different set of exposures, there is the probability that any one of them could be located in a different area and therefore subject to different or uncommon risk factors.

Add to this a slew of customers wandering the lot, examining cars, or going for test drives in a car they might be interested in purchasing. You can likely see that a problem can stem from someone entering an area they are not familiar with, and therefore unaware of potential hazards, such as, for example, grease-covered floors in service areas.

Keys to helping lower the risk factor

Having regular safety meetings and posting signs is always a good idea. These can both go a long way in averting potentially dangerous situations. By examining the list of areas that could be a concern and making sure that employees, as well as customers, are aware of the potential for accidents and injuries associated with areas deemed to have a higher potential for accidents or injuries, you can go a long way in reducing risks and saving money in possible lawsuits or auto dealerships worker’s compensation claims.

photo credit: davidecasteel cc