Staffing Agency Best Practices

Temporary employment continues to grow, and with growth comes an increase in employment staffing recruiting agency complaints. Knowing best practices to reduce and manage criticism can save your agency time and money by helping to keep your employees happy.

Be Honest and Clear About the Job

As a staffing agency, you want to fill positions as efficiently as possible for your clients. While it may be tempting to embellish the work with a prospective employee, this is bound to cause problems in the long run. Keep job descriptions accurate and concise.

Communicate Early and Regularly With Staff

Consider calling employees during their first week on the job to check in and see how they’re doing and answer any questions. Maintain a schedule to communicate on a regular basis, every month or so, to value staff and mitigate any issues as they arise.

Celebrate and Reward Reliable Employees

High turnover rates are a top complaint of employment staffing recruiting agencies, costing time and money due to the ongoing hiring process. Show top staff they are appreciated by acknowledging the work they do. According to successful agencies, having a reward system in place is also a way to retain employees. This indicates to staff you value reliability.

Taking time to put best practices in place will save your agency the headache of dissatisfied employee complaints.