Successful Insurance Agency Marketing Tactics

Successful insurance agency marketing can be accomplished in a number of ways. Every agency has its own method of obtaining prospects and leads, and there are no wrong ways or right ways, it’s just a matter of choosing what works best, or trying something new. Dinner seminars are a great vehicle for attracting people who may have interest in, or can benefit from, the services being offered. Once clients are in place, keep them informed on new and exciting products that they may have an interest in.


While dinner seminars can be expensive, ($4,000 or more, with the mailing and dinners) they are still one of the best and probably quickest ways to generate lots of new prospects each month. Once the audience is assembled, be sure to set appointments with interested parties at these seminars. Sign people up while the information and their desire is fresh; otherwise a cooling-off period will reduce the number of appointments set and kept.


Maintain a database of the people attending the seminars


Once a database is established, send these people a monthly newsletter. Remember just because they didn’t immediately set up an appointment doesn’t mean they’re not interested. Send birthday cards & anniversary cards to new and existing clients showing them that the agency cares about them and this will help strengthen those relationships.


Stay current on any issues that may be affecting clients. Following trends in the industry and learning what others are doing in the market can also be advantageous. And remember to send important changes to clients as they occur. For example, send an email blast regarding any recent tax changes, renewal notices, etc.


Up-selling existing clients creates more business


When an applicant is approved at the top rate, perhaps suggest that he or she take advantage of increasing the amount; after all, they have now qualified for the very best rate. Point out that he or she may not be able to qualify for this rate again, moving forward, and that the premium for a greater amount is often less because there is no additional policy fee.


Putting blogs and articles in association newsletters and on social media sites in order to add credibility to the agency can also foster good insurance agency marketing, and remember to send these blogs and articles to clients, friends, family and associates. After all, it pays to make sure that clients remain year after year, instead of allowing them to get swept away by a competitor or direct seller. To do that successfully, keep in touch continually throughout the year and not just at renewal time.


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