Summer Bike Maintenance and Orlando Motorcycle Insurance

Motorcycles require the same type of maintenance that a car needs. And with this summer on the horizon, you’re going to want your bike to be ready to take you on some fun and breezy cruises through the Orlando area. Before your first major ride, make sure to have Orlando motorcycle insurance and remind yourself to prepare your bike with a few helpful safety and maintenance checks:


  1. Look for any signs of leakage, such as stains underneath that indicate problems.
  2. Check steering head bearings for looseness or binding.
  3. To get the best performance out of a hydraulic fork change the fluid about once a year.
  4. Clean the battery terminals and check the electrolyte level and, if caps are removable, add distilled water as needed.


Remember that electrolytes contain acid, so avoid skin contact and wear eye protection at all times. Baking soda and water will neutralize the acid. If the bike has been dormant, and the battery wasn’t on a maintenance charger it’ll probably be weak or dead. Test this by turning on the ignition and noting how bright the lights are burning. If the lights are dim or don’t work, charge the battery.


Other important items to repair or replace


As part of your routine maintenance you should replace the oil and fuel. Old oil tends to gets acidic, which could damage engine parts. Use of a fuel stabilizer can, over time lead to rough engine performance and will not combust well until it burns off. Check the brake and transmission fluids levels as well.


Finally, check your tires. If the bike was parked on a concrete floor all winter, instead of being elevated, the rubber may have deformed producing a flat spot. At the very least, your tires are probably low on air. If you don’t currently have an Orlando motorcycle insurance policy, then speak to an agent and secure a policy before heading out for that first run.

photo credit: abduleelah.s.klefah cc