annuity quotation

Why You Should Get an Annuity Quote

Planning your finances for retirement is often an important life choice, but it can be confusing to navigate all the different options on your own. If you’re considering annuities, an insurance agency expert can help you understand your choices by giving you an annuity quotation. If you decide to use this option to finance your retirement, your insurance company should be able to help you invest your money and end up with an income stream that suits you later on. This can be a beneficial investment for those looking to add to a financial portfolio or potentially grow funds.

There are plenty of variables to consider when looking for a quote from a trusted advisor. With an immediate annuity you can begin a payment stream once you have invested your money, but with a deferred annuity your payment stream begins at a later date. The interest rates can help determine the growth of your investment. Fixed interest rates should result in guaranteed interest credited to your account, whereas a variable rate can grow or decline with the market, giving you other potential investment opportunities. The right insurance agency can give you the facts and advice you need, along with an annuity quotation, so you can make the right decisions for your future finances.