cheapest car insurance in ct

Make Sure You Include These Coverages in Your Car Insurance Policy

There comes a point in everyone’s life when we must tighten our belts and trim from our budget. It often comes as a surprise to many that auto insurance is one area where you can get a good deal, lower your premium, and still protect yourself and other drivers when on the road. Nevertheless, if you are looking for the cheapest car insurance in Ct or any other state, make sure you include some of these “must-haves.”

Don’t Leave These Policies Out

It is a good thing that by law drivers must carry both liability coverage and uninsured motorist coverage. You should never leave those two coverages out of any auto policy. Liability insurance covers injuries to both the driver and the passengers. It also covers any damage the vehicle sustains.

Further protect yourself and your passengers with uninsured motorist coverage. Imagine another car strikes your vehicle and then you learn the driver does not have insurance. With uninsured motorist insurance, you are covered if any injuries or damages occur.

Feel Free to Forget These

It may not be the best idea, but most states do not require drivers to carry collision or comprehensive coverage. If you can afford it, however, both coverages are worth it. Collision will help pay for car damage. If something other than a car strikes your vehicle, comprehensive coverage will protect you. Leaving those products out, though, will help you find the cheapest auto insurance in Ct.

Distracted Driving and the Cheapest Car Insurance in CT

Distracted drivers remain one of the top reasons why there are so many traffic accidents on the roads today. Because of their obsession with cell phones, particularly texting and playing games, many young motorists take their eyes off of the road and this can be a fatal mistake. Cell phone use while behind the wheel has become a major concern for law enforcement in recent years.

Hopefully no one is killed due to this type of dangerous activity, but accidents still result in a lot of damage and expense and that’s why it’s suggested that you, whenever possible, look for the cheapest car insurance in ct that will still give you coverage in the proper amounts that meet the standards of the state.

Younger drivers often don’t consider the risks

The concern is greatest among younger drivers due in part to their inexperience. While cell phones are often the culprits, teen drivers can be distracted by any number of things. For example, a car full of kids screaming or horsing around can lead to an accident, as can merely eating, or looking at the GPS for direction. Whatever the reason, kids need to be reminded that the danger of being involved in a serious accident is not worth the risk of not giving the responsibility of driving a vehicle on highways and city streets the proper attention it deserves.

Adults can be equally responsible for their lack of good judgment

Young drivers are not the only ones found at fault for accidents due to distracted driving. Adults and the elderly are often at fault for crashes that are caused by driver inattention.

Many adults feel it’s okay to dial a cell phone while driving because they think they are quite adept at multitasking, but doing so can increase the risk of a crash many times over.

Even scrolling through the menus of an iPod looking for a particular song forces a person to take their eyes off of the road, and at that precise moment some event could take place, a changing light or a car merging into their lane, leaving them with little time to react to the situation. Often people engaged in cell phone conversations miss traffic signals when talking on a phone, or take longer to react to signals when they do notice.

Regardless of what causes the many accidents occurring every day, it makes good sense to invest in the cheapest car insurance in ct to help pay the cost of damages associated with traffic collisions.