Insurance to Protect Dry Cleaning Businesses

Dry cleaners and similar businesses provide a necessary service to millions of American workers every day. From handling expensive suits to one-of-a-kind finds to dress shirts, dry cleaners handle a variety of clothing and accessories, storing them for varying lengths of time and cleaning them effectively. Fabricare insurance policies go beyond traditional liability insurance to protect the unique exposures dry cleaning businesses face.

Who Benefits?

Dry cleaning companies are responsible for the care of other people’s property. Mistakes, loss and non-controllable events such as hurricanes can negatively affect those goods. Protect your dry cleaning business with fabricare insurance. Beyond dry cleaners, related businesses that can benefit from this type of insurance include:

  • Linen suppliers
  • Coin-operated laundromats
  • Commercial launderers

Why Invest?

A lost, misplaced or damaged item can result in a claim. A customer’s filed claim can result in financial loss to your business. The time and financial cost of a lawsuit can be staggering for a company not protected with the right insurance. Protecting the company before a claim is filed is key to saving money in the long run.

Speak to an agent about the fabricare insurance package that is right for your company. An agent can discuss the business’ risks and exposures and tailor a policy or package to ensure comprehensive coverage.