Insurance Company Marketing

Insurance Company Marketing Ideas to Help Bolster Business

Nowadays, being an insurance agent involves being something of a marketing specialist. Not only do you sell your products and services but you must also find inventive ways, mostly through social media, to bring attention to your services. This can make it much easier to find potential clients.


This may pose something of a challenge to anyone working as an agent, but it also allows for creativity and imagination for those working in Insurance Company Marketing. It really isn’t necessary for you to step too far outside of the box because there are literally thousands of ideas already in use. You merely need to select certain tools and tactics at your disposal and design them to work for the target audience you’re trying to reach.


Where you may find difficulty in the process is the fact that people aren’t often quick to divulge their financial information to a stranger. Therefore, you need to build and establish relationships in order to gain their trust. This is a good place to begin your marketing efforts.


Take a “hands on” approach


Aside from utilizing social media platforms, attending several conventions that draw large crowds can help you in your efforts. Some conventions may be better tailored to you depending on the type of insurance you sell. It’s best to approach potential customers at a show that is geared towards your products. Electronic shows may be a good pitch because many businesses rely on electronics to some degree and this is a good way to talk about risks and exposures associated with certain products.


People who attend these shows are always excited and willing to talk about the newest gadgets or the latest models coming out, so engaging them and offering them a business card doesn’t seem at all out of place. Community events can also provide you with a captive audience. This can provide you with an arena where you could offer financial information to others for free. Offer to help organize an event, and get other insurance companies you regularly do business with to participate. They may be willing to provide sponsorship money for advertising or perhaps a prize giveaway. Insurance Company Marketing really isn’t all that difficult. All it takes is some time and dedication.