insurance for the hospitality industry

Hotels, Resorts, and Insurance for the Hospitality Industry

There are many insurance needs required by the hospitality services industry, some of which could possibly be overlooked. The necessity of providing a safe and comfortable experience for families and individuals, some perhaps on a business trip, others vacationing with loved ones, but they all deserve the same level of care and attention when it comes to their needs and desires.

Many insurers devote a lot of time packaging insurance for the hospitality industry that will address the many unique risks faced by owners. There are significant legal issues facing the operators and owners of these businesses and all attempts are made to quell their fears by helping them to deal with the inherent exposures of the business. There are insurance agents and brokers who specialize in this industry and whose aim is to avoid selling hospitality insurance coverage with gaps that could leave policyholders uninsured or, potentially, under-insured and facing devastating consequences.

Concerns for hotel owners are in abundance

With so many people using computers while staying in hotels, the possibility of cyber crimes taking place, and data breach issues, are something that hoteliers have become painfully aware of, along with theft and burglary (as in the case recently of Kim Kardashian), as well as crimes involving physical injury, pollution liability, auto liability and so much more. There is coverage available to deal with all issues associated with running a business of this sort and it’s crucial to have coverage in place in the event of a claim or the possibility of lawsuits.

Problems may stem from improper coverage

Unfortunately, many hoteliers are not aware of many of the risks facing them and need help ensuring that they obtain the many policies that will help to properly insure their businesses. Most have little knowledge of the impact of exclusions and limitations that may be contained in some policies. A thorough review of their current portfolio will help to find these gaps and get them the broadness of coverage desired and ensure that they are fully covered.

The rewards of this industry go hand in hand with the challenges of running a successful hospitality venue. Your employees will reflect just how good your services are and help to secure repeat business for the years ahead. Securing the right coverage in regards to insurance for the hospitality industry is the first important step in this process.