marina insurance programs

Marina Insurance Programs and Safety

Insurance brokers have an inherent duty to provide any necessary marina coverage to their clients. Having the proper coverage in place will go a long way in helping them with their concerns for their clients as well as their property. It takes a lot of hard work, involving a dedicated staff of individuals all working together to make their enterprise a successful one.


It’s no small task owning and operating a marina company, with concerns about the safe operation of watercraft and maintaining areas intended for guests to lounge around and relax in. With the many exhibits, general sessions, presentations, breakouts, catered events, receptions, networking and special events that take place, this is an industry fraught with risks and exposures and marina insurance programs offer many policies designed to deal with those concerns.


Safety in water and on land can save lives


The success of your clients’ businesses often hinges on you providing the expertise required in assisting with all the various segments that make up this market. One of your priorities as a broker should be to help in mitigating risk. You, therefore need to deliver a comprehensive insurance program with broad coverage. They’ll also be counting on you to provide great customer service when the time comes to ensure that their needs are being well served.


Whether at dock or on high seas, adhering to boating safety guidelines helps keep your clients safe. Kids tend to be overly excited and may not behave responsibly. Your staff must be standing by to ensure their safety at all times. Observing a few easy-to-follow safety rules will prevent accidents and injuries and hopefully avoid costly lawsuits as well.


It’s important, whenever on the high seas, to take note of visibility, and the proximity of navigational hazards. Make sure everyone on the boat wears a life jacket at all times, including the crew and any guests. Constantly check weather conditions as they can change rapidly and often without much notice.


By keeping a few safety measures and procedures in mind we can all greatly reduce the risk of any damage or injury occurring to those customers who came to your client hoping for a happy, memorable experience. This makes for a much more enjoyable trip on the water. Marina insurance programs provide policies that help to ensure that when a problem exists, your clients have the necessary protection to deal with these concerns.