motor truck cargo insurance

Options for Transport Insurance

Some liability coverage is required for all cargo transporters, but these options offer very minimal coverage. For those wishing to protect their goods, in addition to the parties involved in transport, choosing motor truck cargo insurance is a more comprehensive solution.

Items Covered

While specific items will vary according to the type of policy and insurer, most policies will cover any liability associated with risks and damage from uncontrollable elements. These might include things such as water damage, equipment breakdown, accidents, theft, fire or refrigeration malfunctions. More detailed policies may include chemical, debris or pollutant management such as cleanup or removal.

Some policies will offer settlements or payouts for items unrelated to the physical product. Things under these endorsements may include loss revenue for undelivered loads, clerical or data preparation costs for loss situations and surcharges imposed by fire services for assistance with a cargo fire.

Who It’s For

Motor truck cargo insurance supports for-hire trucking companies using cargo vans, box trucks, tractor-trailers and flatbeds. Both long-haul or local service providers can benefit from this coverage, as these policies are designed to protect a specific shipment or sequence of shipments.

Those wishing to have more comprehensive coverage for their cargo during transport will find motor truck cargo insurance to be a sound investment. This will protect against liability from the most common dangers associated with transportation.