Social Media for Insurance

Useful Social Media for Insurance Sales Strategies

By now every agency on the planet, with few exceptions, uses social media for insurance sales as a viable marketing tool. Agents understand the importance of interaction with visitors to their website. This is an ideal platform to use when employing promotions aimed at generating more revenue.

There are a few things to utilize, as well as to avoid, in order to be successful with the items you post on a social media page. Posts on social media should never be strictly sales oriented, as this makes it difficult to engage with prospects. You need a delicate balance between self-promotion and providing helpful information in the items you post.

Some resourceful suggestions

Sign up for Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and YouTube since the more exposure you have, the better the chance for success. Be sure to write regular weekly posts or blogs at the very least, but two to three times a week will probably garner better results. Try writing social media posts that consumers will find useful and making them pertinent and timely can really help your efforts. For example, include car maintenance tips, or provide some tips on business insurance that many companies tend to overlook.

The best way to keep customers engaged is by offering prizes for answering questions pertaining to your products and services or having contests and listing the names of the winners on the agency’s Facebook page. Make sure to include blogs relevant to a particular insurance product and share the content you create to drive traffic to the agency’s website and on social media profiles (this can also help with search engine optimization).

Another way to help visitors identify with a particular agency is by posting a profile of every agency employee, including a photo of them along with information about community events they’ll be attending. It can also be advantageous to post reviews from fans and followers of the agency as written by the very people who post them on Facebook or write emails thanking their agent for his help and insight.

There are many ways to use social media for insurance purposes. Live tweets in which people can ask questions and receive answers in real time can bolster your image as well.