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Close the Gaps With Non-Owned Auto Liability Insurance

As a staffing firm, your company already has enough liability exposure on its hands. If your contractors use their own cars, rent automobiles or operate your clients’ vehicles during the course of business, you absolutely must add a policy to handle the related claims to your staffing agency insurance package. The perfect answer for this type of risk is hired and non-owned auto liability coverage.

What Hired and Non-Owned Auto Liability Does for You

When your employees rent vehicles or drive those belonging to your clients, their actions automatically add another avenue of potential liability. They may be asked to purchase extra coverage from the rental agency, and your contracts with clients may require you to assume responsibility for damages caused by your staff.

While hired and non-owned auto coverages are a common addition to business insurance policies, some versions do not handle property or bodily injury claims related to a contract worker operating a client automobile. It’s vital to make sure that this component of your staffing agency insurance provides coverage in those instances. If not, and if your agency doesn’t make it possible to add on, switching insurance brokers may be the best solution.

Staffing Insurance Brokers With Sophisticated Solutions

Staffing insurance can be a complex and at times puzzling aspect of doing business. However, choosing a respected service provider with access to the global marketplace and top-rated carriers results in fully customized solutions that fit your firm’s needs.

Commercial Auto Insurance for Staffing Firms

Your staffing firm is exposed to multifarious sources of potential liability. The placement of temporary workers, the services they deliver to clients and any other services you directly offer to your customers are all areas that open you up to potential claims through a variety of causes. The operation of your fleet vehicles is no different, which is why you need a commercial auto policy as part of your staffing agency insurance package to shield you against losses that could reach significantly high dollar amounts.

What Commercial Auto Can Do for You

Also known as owned auto liability, this type of coverage is meant to address transport or other business activities what use your company-owned cars. Typically, you can purchase these policies for cars, trucks and vans as well as commercial use trailers. This insurance usually protects in several different types of loss or claim scenarios:

  • Damage, destruction or loss of business vehicles
  • Damage to vehicles or property owned by others resulting from the actions by the insured party or its authorized agents
  • Injury or death of individuals operating company-owned vehicles

Purchasing owned auto liability for your entire fleet can offer significant savings, particularly if you own five or more company vehicles. Fleet-wide insurance can provide additional specific benefits besides standard coverage. Your insurance agent can help you determine the best risk management strategy for your company vehicles when packaging your staffing agency insurance.

Three Essential Client Relation Tips

Staffing agencies act as the hub for relations and business between multiple parties. You deal with your internal employees, external staff, clients and contractors. Juggling all of these people and fulfilling responsibilities to each of them can be difficult, but that’s the job a recruiter is tasked with. Of all of these, your clients are likely the primary source of income, and accordingly they may be your top priority. Here are a few tips for managing client relations and reducing liabilities through staffing agency insurance.

Maintain Clear Communication

The greatest impediment to good relationship with clients is poor communication. In order to prevent misunderstandings, and the liability that can result, work towards your interactions with clients This means seeking feedback on a regular basis and making discussions more frequent and in-depth.

Send Them Great Staff

Your relationship with clients relies on your ability to provide staff that meets their needs. Failure to do so compromises your relationship and could even open the door to liability. To keep your relationship with clients on track, send them staff that is adequately trained and ready to do a great job.

Insure Against Client Suits

Even when you follow these guidelines, you can be vulnerable to legal action. In order to truly protect your agency, a staffing agency insurance policy is your best bet.