Emerging Tech Trends in Construction

The most recent advancements in construction have all been centered around the development of technology that can make projects easier to manage, more cost-effective, and more energy-efficient. Here are some growing trends that are gaining popularity with contracting companies and engineers.

Centralized Information

Cloud computing has changed the way that project managers store and access managers. Keeping plans and project information in a single centralized platform promotes efficiency and accuracy.

Timekeeping Apps

Managing a large crew involves a lot of administrative logistics that app technology simplifies. Workers can clock in and out on their phones, and supervisors can always get an accurate count of the number of team members onsite.


High profile projects need to have an eye towards safety. Project managers can now use drone surveillance to ensure that job sites are secure. In addition, drones can help engineers and contractors get close-up views of building conditions.

Building Information Modeling

Project planners and architects are able to use 3D models to design building infrastructure. The technology can be integrated with other emerging construction tech trends such as augmented reality and virtual reality systems.

When contracting companies adopt new technology, they show their clients that they are forward-thinking. Using the best equipment available to manage and complete projects shows a commitment to performing outstanding work.