Tailoring Your Insurance Marketing Plan for Your Audience

Insurance agents have always been tasked with a unique challenge in developing a local brand identity while at the same time delivering on the larger insurance brand’s promise and customer experience. Nowadays many agencies are turning to an Insurance Marketing plan requiring them to develop a sound social media strategy to help in the process.

For insurance brands across the US, social media is the tool most often used to get the word out about the newest products and services available, along with discounts being offered, but agents also have a great opportunity to make a name for themselves as a local expert within their own communities.

Social media presents a useful platform for agents

When it comes to implementing social media, or any marketing channel for that matter, you have to set reasonable expectations for yourself. While few are new to social media, it’s still important to be aware of your position in the social landscape and decide which channels will work best for your firm.

First, determine which platforms your customers and potential customers already use and which of those actually provides the best channel to deliver your message. A lot of the newer platforms like Vine, Instagram and Snapchat are skewed to a younger audience and likely won’t be a good fit for the audience you wish to reach, so instead of wasting resources and energy in this direction try focusing on some of the more traditional platforms like Facebook and Twitter in order to engage your users.

Many large insurance companies, like New York Life, State Farm, and Geico, have rather large Twitter and Facebook followings in the insurance industry. This is because they tend to focus on providing value to their followers and fans. This is a blueprint for success.

When looking for content for your own social media site, share everything from articles on how to save money to guidelines on how to go about selecting the best insurance coverage for your current needs. By dedicating your site to providing useful information, your Insurance Marketing plan will help establish your agency as a go-to source for customers experiencing important life events now, and into the future.