The Importance of Car Dealer Insurance

Car dealers face a number of risks every time they go to work, but also when the shop is closed up. Fortunately, you can offer your car dealer clients the insurance coverage that they need in order to stay financially covered, no matter what time of day it is. The following are a few reasons why your clients need car dealer insurance:


  • Employee Coverage – Most car dealers have multiple employees. With so many employees to keep track of and so many risks that are associated with the auto industry, it is important for you to provide proper protection to your clients’ employees so that they have compensation when it is needed.
  • Theft and Vandalism – Unfortunately, too many people think it’s funny to target big walls and shiny cars, both of which are often at car dealerships. With proper insurance coverage, your clients will have the funds they need to clean up the mess and make any necessary replacements or improvements.
  • General Liability – There are so many other accidents and incidents that could take place at a car dealership. General liability will cover a lot of those bases.


Whether your clients are looking for the most comprehensive coverage or the most affordable, car dealer insurance is an option that no dealer should pass up. Because it offers so many options and is such a versatile type of coverage, it is essential at any car dealership.

photo credit: aldenjewell cc