dry cleaning insurance claims

The Top 3 Most Common Causes For Dry Cleaning Legal Disputes

The dry cleaning industry has a strong financial responsibility to handle their customer’s garments without causing damages. For this reason, a dry cleaning service should be familiar with the most common causes of inconclusive dry cleaning insurance claims to avoid any damages.

1. Care-Instructions on Garment Ignored

Some garments are simply not compatible with dry cleaning methods and can be a common cause for unnecessary legal claims made against dry cleaner businesses. The best possible solution to avoid these types of issues is to be 100% confident that the care instructions for this type of garment are authorized for dry cleaning before servicing it.

2. Manufacturer Errors

More times than not, a garment may lose its color or prematurely fade after taken to a dry cleaner for service even if the care procedures are followed. Instead of paying costly legal fees, the dry cleaning service can send the damaged garment in to be inspected for manufacturer mistakes to avoid paying costly property damages.

3. Old or Pre-Damaged Garments

The fabric in a garment will become frayed or worn over time, especially if the customer dry cleans the article of clothing often. As a rule of thumb, a wool garment should not be cleaned if it has been worn less than 20 times or is not soiled thoroughly. Consider inspecting every inch of fabric for damage before agreeing to process their order to avoid dry cleaning insurance claims.