Three Liability Coverages You Should Know

business insurance coverage in Orlando,

Liability coverage is the most basic and popular form of business insurance. While the concept is easy to understand, the different coverages can be confusing to some as they can appear to be similar. If you’re searching for business insurance coverage in Orlando, here are three liability coverages that you should be aware of.

General Liability

General liability covers all liability cases from a customer injuring themselves in your store to your hardwood cleaner ruining a customer’s floor. While the name implies that it’s an all-encompassing insurance there are specific cases that fall outside of its coverage area.

Professional Liability

Also known as errors and omissions insurance, professional liability is specific to instances where a lawsuit claims an error on your part caused the negative outcome. For example, a patient can claim a dentist’s negligence led to their teeth falling out.

Pollution Liability

If you’re in a construction contractor or a manufacturer, then you’ll want to carry pollution liability. It covers your business in case pollution from your business activities lead to injury to a non-employee or their property.

As a new owner searching for business insurance coverage in Orlando, you’re probably going to try to cut corners in your insurance coverage. However, business insurance shouldn’t be one of the areas. Your best option is to work with a provider who’s experienced in your industry and can tailor your policy to meet your business and financial needs.