Texas, transportation liability coverage

Transportation Liability Coverage 101

In Texas, transportation liability coverage can be an important part of protecting the assets of a trucking company. Whether it is an individual or company, trucking is an important part of the Texas economy and poised to continue to grow along with the expansion of the Panama Canal. When it comes to understanding transportation liability coverage, here are a few things to keep in mind.

Who is Covered

When purchasing liability coverage, consider who should be covered. If your business uses subcontractors or independent contractors, it is important to consider a policy that insures against your potential risks based on who is doing the work.

What is Protected

For businesses based out of Texas, transportation liability coverage should be reviewed to see if what is protected under the policy. There might be a huge difference in claim compensation for a policy that covers ship to warehouse versus warehouse to warehouse. Working with an experienced insurance professional often helps provide

Why Coverage Matters

When hauling your load across the state, remember that when it comes to coverage in Texas, transportation liability coverage can help protect your cargo, business and assets. In some instances, coverage may be mandated by law. Knowing your risks and working with a friendly and professional insurance company can get you back on the road sooner and protect what matters most.