Types of PA Auto Insurance Coverage Available

Making sure you have the right PA auto insurance coverage is crucial to safeguarding your financial future. There are several different types of coverage available, and you need to be sure your policy gives you exactly what you want. Before you speak with an insurance agent, you should review what your coverage options are. This will allow you to ask relevant questions about the types of coverage offered.

Know Your Options

Most PA auto insurance policies will give you four coverage options:

  • Comprehensive coverage – covers damage to your vehicle from non-collision related events, such as theft or fire
  • Collision coverage – protects you from loss in the event of an auto accident
  • Medical coverage – takes care of the medical expenses incurred by the occupants and driver of the insured vehicle
  • Bodily injury and property damage liability coverage – covers you in the event that you cause others injury or property damage while operating your vehicle

If you have a specialty automobile like a classic car or a high performance vehicle, you can often find coverage for it as well.

Protect Yourself

Knowing your coverage options ensures that you pay for exactly what you want, so you get quality protection at an affordable price. Unfortunately, being a safe driver doesn’t guarantee you protection from auto accidents or vehicle damage. The best way to prevent financial complications associated with driving accidents is to purchase PA auto insurance.


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