Websites Can Adapt to User Environments

Smartphones are everywhere and everybody has one, or so it seems. Certainly, cell phones are much easier to use for a technologically mobile society than a home computer or even a laptop. Because their small size makes them extremely portable, they are always readily available. Is your insurance agent website built to take advantage of smaller screens?

Adjusting to Fit Users’ Needs

Web analytics tells us that most people will not spend a lot of time adjusting their devices to read your website. As more people turn to smartphones for nearly all Internet activities, it is the websites which need to adjust to the size, platform and positioning of the devices being used. This removes the need for different designs and functionalities for each new product on the market. This concept is called responsive web design and if your site doesn’t have it, you could be missing opportunities to grow your client base.

Responsive Design

With responsive design, you can deliver the same information in very similar layouts for home computers, tablets and smartphones. This ability to adjust to the needs of the user can help improve your website’s bounce rate (single-page views) and viewer time spent on a page, which can increase your sales. And what insurance agent website doesn’t want that?