What Insurance Policies Do Staffing Firms Need?

Business insurance policies are even more complex than the ones that cover your personal assets or provide access to healthcare, and that is saying something. Not only do those policies need to flex to suit individual companies the way consumer insurance flexes to meet the needs of private individuals, different insurance types are needed from one company to the next, even when they play similar roles and share an industry. Temporary staffing insurance for companies that match personnel to client workforce needs are unique because often the firm’s staff rotates between several client companies with different operations and risk profiles.

Employment Insurance & More

Like most other businesses, staffing firms need general liability coverage and the appropriate extensions to take care of on-site employees in their own facilities. They also need to provide employment insurance like worker’s compensation to staff employed for clients, but share some liability with clients when it comes to accidents involving personnel on the job at a client’s business. That being said, they also need professional liability coverage in case a temporary worker creates a situation where the firm bears liability for damages to the client’s business.

Find a Quote for Your Staffing Firm

To learn more about temporary staffing insurance and the specific coverage provisions your company needs, it is a good idea to pursue a quote. Individualized feedback about your risk profile based on the details of your business will give you a better idea of the costs and limitations of these policies, as well as a chance to ask questions about your options if you need extended coverage in any area.