What Truck Drivers Do During Off Hours

Truck drivers live lives that often seem strange to the rest of us. Plenty of questions come to mind when thinking about what truck drivers do: do they have permanent homes? How many hours can truck drivers drive? What do they do during their off-hours? Do they travel with animals? Here’s a quick look into some fun facts about truck drivers.

Watching TV

When camped out at truck stops, truckers get creative with how they pass the time. Thanks to technology, it’s relatively easy to pack a video game system or laptop and play games or movies. A small projector and the inside of the sleeping compartment can act as a simple screen for truckers to enjoy themselves.

Working Out

Despite moving hundreds of miles a day, a job on the road is very sedentary. Getting regular exercise at a local track or 24-hour gym is key to keeping the pounds off and the body healthy.

Spending Time With Pets

Believe it or not, truckers do travel with pets. As much as 60% of truckers are pet owners, and up to 40% take their pets on the road. Dogs are the most common and can help keep truckers healthy and happy.

Trucking is not always an easy life, but it can certainly be interesting. With a little ingenuity, truckers find ways to live fulfilling lives while on the road.