What’s the Big Deal About Legionella?

Legionella insurance

According to the Centers for Disease Control, as many as 18,000 Americans are hospitalized each year with Legionnaire’s disease, an infection caused mainly by microscopic bacteria called legionella pneumophila that occur naturally in the environment. Water is legionella’s breeding ground, and just like you, it likes it warm. Legionella insurance can protect your business if this nasty little bacterium decides to start a family in your plumbing system or any other breeding ground at your business or property.

Legionella’s Turf

Legionella is commonly found in lakes and rivers, but it’s also particularly fond of industry. Some of the bacteria’s favorite spots include:

  • Large-scale plumbing systems
  • Water cooling towers
  • Hot water tanks
  • Hot tubs
  • Water systems that use an evaporative condenser
  • Water systems that release a spray of warm water, such as spas, aerators, and shower heads (both in use and just for maintenance practices)

Protect Your Water

The bad news is, that’s an extensive list of legionella hangouts, which means legionella is a concern for a plethora of industries and services. The good news is, more and more insurers are offering legionella insurance to protect against the liabilities, costs, and damages — both structurally and to your reputation — posed by a legionella outbreak. If you’re a building, property, or plant owner who deals with water, the threat of Legionnaire’s disease should not be ignored. Choose a water treatment insurance plan that offers coverage for legionella-related liability claims, and keep your property, and peace of mind, protected.