tavern insurance market

Is it Worth it to Shop for Your Bar Insurance? Yes, it Is!

The tavern insurance market is a saturated one, which makes it difficult to navigate. When you open a bar, you open yourself to additional liability other business owners do not face. You have special requirements. In fact, you had to secure additional licensing and permits from your local and state authorities to start your business in the first place. This is because you are serving alcohol, and if you think back to your college days, it doesn’t take much to understand why. That is, if you remember you college days, which is pretty much the point. Your business helps people get drunk and you must insure yourself against your own operations.

A qualified broker can search the tavern insurance market for you to find the best policy to protect you and your facility. Because of the nature of your business, you need to insure yourself, your employees and your business against violence, falls, theft and accidents off your premises. For example, should a patron get behind the wheel even though he or she has had too much to drink and get into an accident on the way home, the injured party could sue you as well. This is why tavern insurance covers much more than just general liability and property damage. Contact a qualified agent today to discuss your insurance coverage needs.